{ "General Information": { "Title": "3D-Model of Dialface ID 1", "Creator": "Berlin Sundial Collaboration", "Subtitle": "Altino Italy Inventory Nr. AL 10", "Description": "3D Model of the sundial in the Museo Archaeologico Nazionale di Altino, Italy (object-ID 514 in the database on Greek and Roman sundials BSDP0001); date: August 2014.", "Publisher": "Edition Topoi", "Publication Year": "2015", "DOI": "10.17171\/1-1-10" }, "Technical characteristics": { "Collection": "Ancient Sundials", "Contributor Name": "Gerd Gra\u00dfhoff, Elisabeth Rinner", "Contributor Type": "Editor", "Resource Type": "3D-Model", "Tools": "3DHOP", "Date (Update)": "2014", "Format": "NXS", "Size": "24.8MB" }, "Specific Attributes": { "Origin \/ Holder object": "Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Altino<\/a>", "Inventory Number": "AL10", "Holder digital source": "Exzellenzcluster 264 \u2013 Topoi", "Alternate Identifier": "ObjID 1", "Related Identifier": "10.5072\/86764.df-1, 10.5072\/86764.0514-1" }, "Conditions for use": { "Rights": "Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE" }, "Annotations": { "Subjects": "101 Ancient Cultures, 102 History", "Version": "1" } }