{ "_id": "meta", "_rev": "10-df4716a4bd64f7d9aeaa9ab7f39d7acd", "title": "Rock Paintings in Indonesia", "shorttitle": "PIND", "vikus_data_available": true, "abstract": "Rock paintings in Indonesia were recorded during three short excursions by Markus W\u00e4fler and Wolfgang Marschall. Threatened by environmental changes and human interventions and activities, these rock paintings represent the latest specimen of early drawings in that region. Their age determination has not yet been completed, but Australian researchers consider some of them to be the eldest testimonies of figurative drawings of early mankind.", "description": "

The present data are based on the drawings from the four volumns published by W\u00e4fler and Marschall. The rock paintings were re-drawn by Markus W\u00e4fler, and have, after their digitization by Thomas Hofmeier, been processed by Gerd Gra\u00dfhoff and Gordon Fischer so that they could be uploaded into the database. The first three volumes of the book series present photographs and drawings in a geographical order whereas the fourth volume publishes the individial figures in systematic categorization. <\/p>\n\n

The authors Markus W\u00e4fler and Wolfgang Marschall have opted for an open-access publication to make the data widely available to researchers and the interested public. Markus W\u00e4fler copied the entire scope of individual figures and will present a detailed classification of the illustrated objects. The data interface allows modern, computer-aided methods for analyzing the rock paintings.<\/p>", "additional_information_links": [], "research_group": [ "Markus W\u00e4fler", "Gerd Gra\u00dfhoff", "Thomas Hofmeier", "Gordon Fischer" ], "institutions": [ "Humboldt-Univesit\u00e4t zu Berlin", "Excellence Cluster 264 Topoi" ], "keywords": [ "Indonesia", "rock paintings" ], "license": { "name": "Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 DE", "url": "https:\/\/creativecommons.org\/licenses\/by-nc-sa\/3.0\/de\/", "logo": "by-nc-sa.eu.png" }, "general_information": [ [ "Description", "Data based on the drawings from three books published by W\u00e4fler and Marschall" ] ], "metadata_blocks": [ { "title": "Specific attributes", "data": [ [ "Creators", "Markus W\u00e4fler, Gerd Gra\u00dfhoff" ], [ "Publisher", "Edition Topoi" ], [ "Institutions", "Humboldt-Universit\u00e4t zu Berlin, Excellence Cluster 264 Topoi" ], [ "Subject", "101 Ancient Cultures, 102 History" ], [ "Subject Scheme", "DFG" ] ] }, { "title": "Technical characteristics", "data": [ [ "pid System", "DOI" ] ] }, { "title": "Annotations", "data": [ [ "Entry Date", "2016-03-31" ], [ "Last Update", "2016-03-31" ] ] } ], "service_images_path": "\/PIND\/ServicePIND\/Images\/", "resource_type_icons_path": "http:\/\/repository.edition-topoi.org\/resource_type_icons\/default\/", "startpage_main_img": "PIND.JPG", "collections_bg_img": "PINDstart.jpg", "collection_image_copyright": "Wolfgang Marschall", "gallery_num_fig_per_page": 12, "gallery_thumbs_url_format": "http:\/\/repository.edition-topoi.org\/PIND\/ReposPIND\/small\/PIND%s\/", "hierarchy_thumbs_url_format": "http:\/\/repository.edition-topoi.org\/PIND\/ServicePIND\/Thumbs\/Petroglyphs\/thumbs\/%s.jpg", "hierarchy_placeholder": "http:\/\/repository.edition-topoi.org\/img\/thumb_placeholder.jpg", "visible_on_startpage": true, "uses_sci_version": 2, "filter": { "subject": [ "Prehistory", "Rock Paintings", "Archaeology" ], "resource_type": [ "Images", "Drawings", "Analysis" ], "geolocation": [ "Asia" ], "period": [ "Prehistory" ] }, "additional_information_text": "

Marschall, Wolfgang und Markus W\u00e4fler. Felsmalereien Indonesiens. Band 1. Pulau - Muna. Borsdorf: Edition winterwork, 2012<\/p> \n\n

Marschall, Wolfgang und Markus W\u00e4fler. Felsmalereien Indonesiens. Band 2. Teluk - Berau. Borsdorf: Edition winterwork, 2013. <\/p> \n\n\n

Marschall, Wolfgang und Markus W\u00e4fler. Felsmalereien Indonesiens. Band 3. Kaimana - Pulau - Kei Kecil. Borsdorf: Edition winterwork, 2014.<\/p> \n", "doi": "10.17171\/1-7", "object_sort_key": "title" }