{ "_id": "meta", "_rev": "4-751a27670d1cacbc4cec886d7d96f62d", "abstract": "This collection assembles maps with reconstructions of routes and paths through Rome described in Renaissance guidebooks and antiquarian literature. The maps are part of the publication \u201cCamminando vedrete. Paths through ancient Rome in travel literature from 7th to 16th century\u201c.", "title": "Paths through Rome", "vikus_data_available": false, "collection_type": "bag", "shorttitle": "WGRM", "collection_image_copyright": "Matthijs Brill", "description": "The Topoi research project 'Paths through Rome' focuses on the structural organization of Rome\u2019s urban space in the travel literature from the 7th to the 16th century. In the 15th and 16th century we can observe a shift in representation of the city\u2019s imago: the perspective of the visitor immersed in the urban space, moving from one place to another, is more and more adopted. Not only in 'vedute' by choosing a locatable point of view, but also in texts by describing practicable routes. The five maps contained in this collection illustrate the routes and paths through Rome described in the Excerpta after G. P. Leto (15th cent.), in the Nota d\u2019anticaglie (around 1500), in the Itinerarium Urbis Romae by Mariano da Firenze (1517\/18), in the Guida Romana by Schakerlay Inglese (1557) and in the Topographia Romanae Urbis by J.-J. Boissard (1597). They are visualized on the map of Rome by Etienne Dup\u00e9rac (Nova Urbis Romae Descriptio, 1577 \/ Reprint Ehrle 1908) and show the different approaches of the Renaissance authors in their aim to create new patterns of Rome as a space of motion.", "additional_information_links": [ [ "http:\/\/edition-topoi.org\/books\/details\/camminando-vedrete.-wege-durch-das-antike-rom-in-der-reiseliteratur-des-7.-", "Camminando vedrete" ] ], "research_group": [ "Lisa Marie Roemer" ], "institutions": [ "Excellence Cluster Topoi EXC 264", "Humboldt-Universit\u00e4t zu Berlin" ], "keywords": [ "Rome", "paths", "routes", "space", "travelling", "guidebooks", "antiquarians", "pilgrims", "art history" ], "license": { "name": "CC-BY-NC 4.0", "url": "https:\/\/creativecommons.org\/licenses\/by-nc\/4.0\/legalcode", "logo": "ccbync.png" }, "general_information": [ [ "Description", "Sammlung xyz<\/p>" ] ], "metadata_blocks": [ { "title": "Specific attributes", "data": [ [ "Creators", "Lisa Marie Roemer" ], [ "Publisher", "Edition Topoi" ], [ "Institutions", "Excellence Cluster Topoi EXC 264, Humboldt-Universit\u00e4t zu Berlin" ], [ "Subject", "103-01 Art History, 102 History" ], [ "Subject Scheme", "DFG" ] ] }, { "title": "Technical characteristics", "data": [ [ "pid System", "DOI" ] ] }, { "title": "Annotations", "data": [ [ "Entry Date", "2019-09-31" ], [ "Last Update", "2019-09-31" ] ] } ], "service_images_path": "\/WGRM\/ServiceWGRM\/Images\/", "resource_type_icons_path": "http:\/\/repository.edition-topoi.org\/resource_type_icons\/default\/", "startpage_main_img": "WGRM.jpg", "collections_bg_img": "WGRMstart.jpg", "gallery_num_fig_per_page": 12, "hierarchy_placeholder": "http:\/\/repository.edition-topoi.org\/img\/thumb_placeholder.jpg", "visible_on_startpage": true, "additional_information_text": "Roemer, Lisa Marie. Camminando vedrete. Wege durch das antike Rom in der Reiseliteratur des 7. bis 16. Jahrhunderts. Berlin Studies of the Ancient World. Vol. 71, Berlin 2019.", "uses_sci_version": 2, "default_thumb_extension": "png", "filter": { "subject": [ "History of Art" ], "resource_type": [ "Images" ], "geolocation": [ "Rome" ], "period": [ "Middle Ages", "Antiquity" ] }, "doi": "10.17171\/2-16" }