Hagia Sophia 3D | Edition Topoi


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Excellence Cluster 264 Topoi, Universität Bern


3d scanning, architectural geometry




Hagia Sophia 3D, 2016, Volker Hoffmann, Nikolaos Theocharis, Edition Topoi, DOI: 10.17171/2-6


The “Hagia Sophia” (or “Sancta Sophia”) in Istanbul was built according to construction plans of the mathematician Anthemios of Tralles and the architect Isidorus of Miletus in the era of Justitian (6th century after Christ).

In several campaigns lasting up to 2005, the Bernese architectural historian Volker Hoffmann and his assistant Nicholas Theocharis developed a digital 3D model of the building that served as database for a comprehensive analysis of the architectural construction of the domed basilica. With its 56 metres height and a diameter of 31 metres, the dome is one of the most impressive domes built in ancient times. It was used as a coronation church by Byzantine emperors.


The repository contains the complete model of the Bern campaign; only the upper part of the vault could not be measured due to renovation works carried out on the dome at the time of the campaign.

Further information

The work was done in the year 2008.

Research Group Phase 1

Volker Hoffmann, Nikolaos Theocharis